What Age Should Sex Education Be Taught

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  • Published : November 15, 2010
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At What Age Should Sex Education Be Taught?
Shivani Veerasami
Queens College, CUNY

Sex Education and Adolescence
Page of Introduction
“You cannot have sex education without saying that sex is natural and that most people find it pleasurable.” -Bruno Bettelheim
When is the appropriate age to start teaching sex education and who should it be taught by? Many people believe that it is the parents’ responsibility to educate their children on sex. While others think that it is the teachers’ responsibility to educate their children on sex. What do you think? I think it is both the parents’ and teachers’ responsibility to educate teens on sex. Teachers and parents need to work together to make sex education successful. If the teacher says one thing and the parents says another thing, then the children will come to their own conclusion and that never ends good. For example, I learned a little bit about sex when I was in sixth grade in my life science class. I was only taught about the reproductive part; how to get pregnant. It was not until my freshman year of high school that I learned about STDs and protection in my life management skills class. However, when I was in sixth grade I shared what I had learned in science class with my mom and she looked like she was going to have a heart attack! Her immediate response was you cannot have sex until you are married! From that day on ‘till I was probably eighteen years old that is what my mom has been preaching to me. She also avoided talking about sex with me, up to this day she avoids that topic. In my life management skills class the first thing they taught was abstinence, then STDs and how to protect ourselves from contracting them, and finally about all the different types of birth control that is out there. We were also taught that sex is a natural and wonderful experience, and it is also a part of life. My teacher made it clear that everyone is different and we will know when the time is right and we should not let anyone force us to have sex if we are not ready. Also she stressed that we should never have unprotected sex, unless we are married and are planning on having babies. I live with my twelve year old cousin, who is in sixth grade. One day she brought up the topic of sex. She mentioned something about how she knows when you have sex you get pregnant. So then I asked her do you know how not to get pregnant, and she replied, “No.” Then when I mentioned condoms and protection she had no idea what I was talking about. It amazes me how things have not changed that much from when I was in sixth grade. They should educate us about abstinence, STDs, contraception, and birth control before they teach us how to get pregnant, because they go hand in hand. Sex Ed for Kindergarteners ‘Right Thing to Do,’ Says Obama

According to ABC News President Obama he told Planned Parenthood that he wants sex education for kindergarteners, as long as it is “age-appropriate,” is “the right thing to do” (Davis & Ellerson, 2007). Obama said he “does not support teaching explicit sex education to children in kindergarten” (Davis & Ellerson, 2007). He just wants the schools to teach the science and medically accurate part of sex.

I do not understand why someone in their right mind would even want kindergartens to know about sex, I think it is really irrelevant for them to be learning about sex at the age of five. That will just be confusing to them, especially if you are going to try to teach it in the science or medical way. That might actually promote sex at a younger age. Sex Education Lessons Will Start at the Age of Seven in New Government Curriculum

This article states that the government has a new curriculum, which is to start educating children about sex at the age of seven. They want to teach them the facts of life in fundamental sex education lessons. They also plan to prepare them for this by teaching them about body parts and sex differences at the age of five. Then as they...
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