What Advice Would You Give to a Child Whose Parent Has Just Been Diagnosed with Breast Cancer?

Topics: Chemotherapy, Suffering, United States Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: October 17, 2012
I’ll never forget the moment when my mother told me, “Arnell, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.” My only thought was oh no, will my mother live to see me graduate from high school? At that moment my only misery was cancer. Breast cancer is a rising concern with all Americans across the United States, but with the correct knowledge and awareness a life could be saved.

If you’re a child and your parent has been diagnosed with this unpleasant sickness the first advice I want to give is: to realize this is not a death sentence. After taking a collective amount of chemo treatments, my mother has survived the long journey and she is currently in remission. Also as a child it is important to talk about your feelings to your guardian and to let them know you are aware of their suffering. A lack of communication could lead to isolation and frustration. At that point in time I became more emotional towards my mother, I knew that my happiness would be the best medicine for her. I began to notice how compassionate and accepting we both became over the past few months of her diagnosis. We started doing the small things in life together that we’ve never done before like; singing, dancing, walking on the beach, and etcetera. Cancer had just taken a different toll on our lives.

Although cancer can seem like the end of one’s life, it makes you realize the value of life and of those you love. If there is any other complete message I want to get across to you it is to show your parent compassion, tell them you love them and do one small act of kindness for them daily.
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