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  • Published: July 21, 2013
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Weight Training & Fitness Unit Plan

PED 626 – Fitness Programming & Curriculum for Schools Designed for 11th and 12th Grade
Matthew Cummiskey

The Harvard Alumni study noted dramatically increased morbidity and chronic illness tendencies among sedentary graduates.1 Physical education can remediate and prevent health problems by helping students adopt an active lifestyle what persists into their adult lives.2 Parents, students, and communities are “increasingly interested in the potential of school PE programs to favorably impact the health of children and adults.” 3 Some of things which should be addressed include knowledge, attitudes, motor skills, 4 and behavioral skills. Unfortunately, participation in physical education often falls below recommended levels among young people. 5 However, this unit not only promotes activity by practicing skills learned about various exercises, but also gives students the knowledge and attitudes which can serve a lifetime. Soccer skills may diminish, jogging times may slow, but all adults are capable of maintaining their fitness level through the concepts and knowledge taught in this unit.

Background information:
Weight training has been a part of sport and fitness for centuries dating back to the ancient Olympic games in Greece. However, little was understood and advancements made were more the result of chance than research. For example, it was believed until the 19th century that people acquired characteristics from their parents such as muscular development. Hence a blacksmith’s son was muscular because his father before him was as well. Science, especially exercise science, has made astounding advancements since then, with the degree of new information increasing every day. 6 Weight training in the early part of the twentieth century was dominated by free weights and athletes. Even so, the majority of athletes did not feel weight training would markedly improve their...
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