What's Your Learning Style?

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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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What Is Your Learning Style?
By: Krystine Hall

In my short academic history, I have been subjected to many different learning styles. I’ve had teachers show movies in class, and I’ve had teachers that would drone on, lecture style, for an hour and a half. There are many different ways that one can acquire and retain knowledge, but is there one way that is superior to others? Some people believe that this is so. Some even believe that musicians can learn more comfortably in an auditory setting, and in turn, a wrestler would be more inclined to recall facts if shown to them kinesthetically. Is it possible that a person can have a specific learning style, and that when honed in on, they can comprehend more material? I have returned back to school to earn a bachelor’s degree so that I can go into the field of psychology and study phenomena such as this. I have gotten to a point in my life where I know that if I am serious about wanting to be a psychologist, and any other type of medical doctor, I can go no further without acquiring this degree. I decided that the first class that I would I would tackle would be a “foundations of online learning” class, which has brought me to this question: What is your style of learning? The first assessment that I took described me as an active learner, but I was almost perfectly placed in the middle of the other three scales that their system uses to measure the type of learning that would best suit you. This means that I am somewhere sandwiched in the middle. The second assessment that took quickly deduced that I was an auditory learner, after a short series of questions and I should go out and invest in some audio books and cassettes. I have never thought of myself as having a distinct learning style, I think that for me, it simply depends on what it is that I’m being taught. The amount that I learn is directly correlated to whether or not my interest is piqued by the subject at hand. I am a very musically inclined...
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