What's Wrong with Vocational School

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  • Published : October 3, 2011
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“What’s wrong with Vocational School?”
“What’s Wrong with Vocational School?” by Charles Murray who is W.H. Bradly scholar with the American Enterprise Institute. This piece states that Vocational schooling would be better than a four-year college degree. Though Murrays’ argument is of good intentions, I neither agree nor disagree. Murray makes good claims that two-year colleges may be better to most students which I feel is very true. However I don’t believe that just because an individual might have an IQ lower than 110 they shouldn’t attend a four-year college.

Murray believes that two-year colleges or Vocational schools are better off for a majority of students. Everybody needs to go to college to better off their chances in the real world. Murray also believes that the only way to do well in a four-year college is if you have an IQ of 115 or better. An IQ lower than 110 will be considered too difficult. People should save their money and go to Vocational school but no one will agree with this for the fact of the matter that it is “second class”(632). The degree one would earn at a four-year college doesn’t necessarily mean they are qualified for anything. There are more effective and faster ways to obtain certificates.

Murray believes that “Far too many people are going to four-year colleges” (631). For the experience or because it’s what everyone their age or fresh out of high school is doing. Truthfully, if you are on an average level with your education, you will probably fail that college course. Even those who are qualified don’t want the stress of a four-year college. They go simply because their parents cover all the finances. Two-year colleges are more prone to meet the students’ needs and more honest, then a four-year college. Two years is plenty of time to learn “technical specialties” (633) as oppose to four years witch is entirely too long. It does look great if you went to a four-year college, that you were able to withstand the...
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