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Topics: Philosophy of life, 2005 albums, Life Pages: 2 (834 words) Published: February 10, 2013
The world breathes onto us, and in return, each of us breathes onto the world. Life, happiness, and passion are wound around the essence of our beings like white doves flocking about an ancient colossus bathed by the sun of life, a magnificent structure we shape with our own hands each day, every day. We are what we value and what we believe of ourselves. We are capable of as much or as little as we lead ourselves to believe. We have the gift of free-will to decide each day, each hour, each minute who we are and what we will do the coming day and each day after that. We make choices every day, we live everyday, and in grief, a little of us dies every day. But like the surf rolling across the beach of time, the sands of life are replenished with each stroke of the tide. Nature always returns what she takes away.

Within each of us is the embodiment of life. We live every day. Each of us has within our beings hopes and dreams. Within our souls we hold our values and our beliefs about the universe. And next to our hearts we hold our ideals and our passions. Like hundreds of thousands of candles shining in the darkness, we are one in ourselves and one together. Each of us is never quite as alone as we ever think we are. And by living everyday we find meaning in ourselves, meaning in our lives, and meaning in our hearts, however brief each of the flames burning in our souls shines in this vast symphony of stars.

On one level we simply are. On another we must also recognize that through living, we also make choices about who we will become. We touch others every day with our words, with our words, our actions, and with our joy and our grief. And they in turn touch our hearts in similar ways. The world isn't always perfect, but the choices we make are ours alone, based solidly upon our values and ideals. We may choose every day to be angels, granting wishes, helping those in need, caring, and inspiring others with our words, with our passions, with our hopes and...
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