What's Out There?

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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The possibility of future discovery in space, is justification for the space program because it is a way to save the human race from the inevitable downfall of our planet, whether it be the destruction of our planet, running our planet dry of resources, or the extinction of all life on our planet. With the space program, we have the chance of finding another planet that can sustain Earth life on it. It is also a possibility, that with the space program, humans could discover resources (oil, gas, coal, water, diamonds...etc.)on other planets, to help sustain the way we live on Earth. The biggest reason why the possibility of future discovery justifies the space program, is to find out if there are other living species out there, and to uncover the mysteries of space and time.

With the space program it is possible that we could find another planet, like Earth, that could sustain our ways of life, which is a great thing because it gives humans a second chance to live, and a way to save ourselves so that we do not make the same mistakes all over again. The only way this would ever be possible, would be if the space program were supported, because without it there would be no way to explore all the unknown areas. The possibility of finding another planet like our, is not wasting our money, it would be saving lives, the lives of every being on the planet. This is because it gives us new way to live, on a healthy planet where we can learn to keep it a healthy planet.

The possibility of discovering resources on another planet, justifies the space program, because with Earth’s resources dwindling we need to find a way to support the human way of life on our planet. If it were possible to explore other planets for these resources, it would sustain the quality of life that our race lives by. These resources also lead to money, a lot of money, so where does the wasting money argument come in when we could, with the discovery of resources, make more money then the amount...
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