What’s Your Receptive Learning Style?

Topics: Knowledge, Somatosensory system, Education Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: December 13, 2012
1.After completing “What’s your Receptive Learning Style” on pages 20 and 21, what is your receptive learning style? My receptive learning style is tactile/ kinesthetic.
2.Review the information about your learning style on page 17 and describe three specific characteristics of your receptive learning style. Provide an example for each characteristic. Three specific characteristics are touching, manipulating objects, and doing things. When I learn I like to touch rather than maybe watching someone do it, I learn better doing it myself. If I feel and see what I’m doing it helps me because it keeps me busy. When I learn I like to control (or manipulate) objects and really think with my mind about what I’ m doing with it. I can start a project and using my hands to control every little detail and not only will I learn but I have fun doing it so the project always has a better grade. and finally when I learn I like to learn by doing things because when I do things it can be writing notes but using bold letters and crazy font helps me to learn better because I’m listening or reading but im also doing something with myself so I don’t get bored that will also help me. 3.How will understanding your learning style benefit you as a student? Understanding will allow me to take notes better when I read material. I can also write things down from discussions in my own organized manner and make flash cards. I can also make diagrams and read with my fingers. I will also have resources to all the different types of videos like learning or class discussion videos to watch as I jot down notes. 4.How will understanding your learning style help you in your career? In my career I believe this will help me ecspecially when I have to make presentations, charts, graphs or diagrams. Even if it is just keeping contacts organized with a grid or preparing finances with columns I will already be prepared because I will be used to working and doing things with my hands already, and I...
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