Whar Do You Know About Linda Wishkob

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What do you know about Linda Wishkob
            Who is Linda Wishkob? Born one of twins with physical birth defects she was abandoned at birth.   She begins a life at the hospital as Linda Lasher (weak, deformed, unwanted).  As the years progress she changes and develops into a new person in name and character (strong, independent and needed).  As a literary character she is a round and dynamic person that develops into an interesting evolved person.             At Linda’s birth, she was not expected to survive. She was born sick while her twin was born healthy and male.  “Your other child has a congenital deformity and may die. Shall we use extraordinary means to salvage it.... she cried No!"(p65). From the beginning of her life, Linda was expected to die or stay crippled if she survived this ordeal. Her mother kept her brother and abandoned her in the hospital, weak, struggling, unloved, unlucky and unwanted.    "Too young to be admitted to any state - run institution...” (pg 65)her luck began to change in the hospital when Betty Wishkob, a janitor from the hospital asked to take Linda home. The Wishkobs took Linda in, gave her their name and raised her as their own on the Indian reservation for a better life. “Every morning until I was eleven, they woke me up before everybody, Albert said put your feet out Tuffy” which was a nickname given to her by one of her sibling.  “He pulled me one way while Betty pulled the other way’’ (p65) The Wishkob used this method to untwist Linda legs in order for them to grow in a way that will make her look normal.  This left Linda abnormality free. Betty and Albert did their best to give Linda the best possible life.  In this adopted family Linda grew up with love and patience.  "Tuffy" grew up and turned into a wonderful, strong, loving woman.  She was no longer that four year old girl who would not stop crying until she was in her mommy’s arm.  Years had passed, she had a job in the local post office, when her...
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