Whaling Should Not Be Banned

Topics: Whaling, Whaling in Japan, Japan Pages: 3 (701 words) Published: September 28, 2011
Takatsuna Mukaiyachi

Whaling should not be banned

Recently, whaling is criticized and some organizations disagree with whaling, especially, Sea Shepherd strongly opposes whaling. Sea Shepherd website says, “ Sea Shepherd is an international not – for – profit organization, based in the United States with support from all over the world.” They say that their clients are the whales, sharks, dolphins, seals, turtles, sea bards, and fish, and in order to protect them, Sea Shepherd are aggressive, yet non – violent and operate within the guide lines of the U.N. World Charter for Nature. (“Sea Shepherd's Mission Statement”, Sea Shepherd Conservation society, accessed in June 25th, 2011) They sometimes disrupt Japanese fleet of whalers, bumping their ships into Japanese whaling ships. Actually, the opinions of Sea Shepherd seems to be strange because their opinions are something too strong and Japanese culture, whaling should not be denied. Whaling should not be prohibited for the three reasons below.

The first reason why whaling should not be banned is that whaling is related with the culture, a historical background, and the religion. Facts about Japan.com website says that a Japanese people have kept on doing whaling since ancient times. A whale used to be used not only for meets, but also for the oil. Whale oil used to be used for light. Whales have been essential living things to earn people’s life. (“History of Japanese Whaling” fact about Japan, accessed in June 25th, 2011) Denying whaling also means denying the culture. Furthermore, from the point of Hindu’s view, it is a cruel threat that American people eat beef. There are the religious differences and different recognition. Sea Shepherd ignores other opinions, and it acts as it wants to do. They are so strong that Japanese government should protect whaling from such pushy organization.

The second reason why whaling should be allowed is that actual recent number of...
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