Topics: Cetacea, Whaling in Japan, International Whaling Commission Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Research Paper Outline- Japanese Whaling: Legitimate Research or Inhumane Brutality? Thesis Statement: In order to prevent the permanent extinction of all whales in our future, we need to increase our knowledge about current whaling practices, and continue to vigorously fight against it until whaling has diminished.

I. INTRODUCTION: We must put an end to whaling now
II. Background information
A. In 1986, the International Whaling Commission (WIC) enacted a moratorium on all commercial whaling. B. Since the moratorium was approved, still over 25,000 whales have been inhumanely slaughtered by Iceland, Norway, and mainly Japan. C. This horrifying practice is justified under the disguise of scientific research and for commercial purposes. III. BODY

A. Whaling according to the Japanese
1. It is part of the Japanese culture and goes back thousands of years as a family tradition. 2. Whale meat and blubber is known as a delicacy in Japanese culture, and is often a highly desired type of food. 3. Japanese believe it can and should be done because the population of whales in general has “improved” over the years. B. Whaling cannot be justified or excused

1. It is a long and painful death for the whale, as they are often upside down and fighting to escape and breathe with their blow hole in the water, until they eventually suffocate. 2. The rate at which they are being hunted surpasses the slow rate at which whales reproduce. 3. Culture doesn’t justify the killing of a species merely for personal profit and gain. C. C. excusedasonend to whaling nows for personal profit and gain. In some early cultures, peopple What can be and is being done about whaling? 1. The theThe “Sea Shepard” has had many successes in physically stopping the Japanese whaling fleet’s killings of the whales. 2. MeMSome current members of the WIC are trying to overturn the moratorium to end whaling completely around the world. 3....
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