Whale Watch Kaikoura

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Executive Summary
This report is focused on a New Zealand Organisation called Whale Watch Kaikoura. With the use of this organisation the report will show a brief overview of its strategies, its purpose and its vision. It will discuss how it implements its business and its processes with regards to its key strategic resources, which will then lead to the entities knowledge-based resources and its capabilities, with specific notion towards its intellectual capital. The report will be broke into two sections, the first section will give detail to the organisation and its approach towards knowledge management and strategies, while the second section will include concepts and frameworks from MGMT 311 that will be proposed as an ideal strategy to implement within this organisation. The relevance of these strategies will be discussed as it will take into consideration the company’s culture, its dominant values as well as other aspects that will be referred in the report. It will then conclude on the main ideas that were addressed in the report, making clear indication on the systems or processes that were to change if given the opportunity to do so.

WWK’s Strengths4
Culture- form of explicit knowledge4
Wally Stone – example of Tacit-knowledge6
Wally Stone –developing Human capital7
Intellectual Capital7
Frameworks for assessing intellectual capital7
Tacit Knowledge10
WWK’s weaknesses10
Proposed knowledge management strategies11

Whale Watch Kaikoura, is a New Zealand, 100% Maori owned, company that is recognised as one of the most successful tourism ventures to ever be established. It is a unique organisation that provides people both domestic and internationally the opportunity to gain a close up experience of sperm whales that come together off the Kaikoura coast, where there feeding grounds are located. They do this by travelling to the destination by large boat vessels, which is sufficient enough to hold a large number of people. Since its establishment in 1987, their venture has been given primarily by the way in which their culture is structured, the values they perceive as important as well as their willingness to learn and obtain the proper components necessary to drive their business into the future. They way in which they have managed to do such a thing is the incorporation of Maori customary values and principles embedded into the organisation as well as a shared vision that is acknowledged throughout everyone in the company. Its purpose, like any other business, is to become a successful entity and harness that success to empower its shareholders and stakeholders. Their vision is to develop their own people and culture and preserving the environment and its resources such as the promotion of an anti-whaling industry. They do this by the maintaining and sharing of the same vision, which includes a sharing of the same goals, culture and understanding of how the organisation operates. The notion of sustainability is intrinsic with the values of the company as it also gives other entities, in the same geographic location, the chance to obtain business opportunities such as accommodation, opening other ventures that encompass Kaikoura’s distinct environment that gives chances of a growing economy. This is the primary outline of the organisations strategy is to provide direction, with their business and culture, to promote intergenerational leadership, where success is given by developing their own people, of Maori descent, by obtaining the right knowledge from the right people to maintain sustainability and ownership of the environment and its resources. This report will examine WWK’s (Whale Watch Kaikoura) knowledge-based resources, such as a culture itself, which uses Maori myth, language, and imagery embedded into the industry to gain competitive advantage. It will also include forms of tacit...
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