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Online Business-Expansion Proposal for Xavier Derico Consulting Xavier Smith
Western Governors University

Xavier Derico Consulting is a successful freelance communication consulting firm that provides the following editing-and-writing/translation-and-interpretation services: 1. Professional Document Preparation—vocational documents comprising of résumés and cover letters; business documents comprising of business plans and proposals, inter- and intra-office correspondence; and corporate policies and employee handbooks. 2.

3. French and Spanish Translation and Interpretation—translation of all the professional documents listed above; interpretation for both in-person and virtual environments. The chief area of opportunity that I have identified is in an online presence. The company currently does not have one, which contributes to lost revenue due to stagnant market recognition and an appreciation of customer trends. This proposal will offer a viable path to create an online presence that will contribute to the company’s profit-maximizing goals. Proposal Justification

As indicated in the precedent paragraph, this proposal is necessary to expand Xavier Derico Consulting to an online world in which nearly 400 million individuals access on a daily basis. Moreover, the percentage of growth from 2000 to 2011 is nearly 530 percent, with the majority of growth—and expected continued growth—in Asian countries. The following graphic identifies this data appropriately:

(Miniwatts Marketing Group, 2011)
The figures provided support the justification of this proposal. In order for Xavier Derico Consulting to remain viable and profitable, expanding into an online environment is de rigueur. Proposal Objectives

This proposal offers the following objectives
1. Demonstrate the viability of the company’s services in an online environment 2. Review an online competitor analysis
3. Strategically marketing and operating online
4. Provide direction on the strategic use of search engines 5. Counsel on social-media integration
6. Discuss online customer-relationship management
7. Provide e-commerce solutions
8. Review international considerations, including market strategy, organizational, language, cultural, and infrastructure 9. Offer projected Web-development and maintenance costs
10. Create a Web-site index, inclusive of all the aforementioned objectives. 11. Create a mock-up for proposed online expansion
Viability of Services Online
Communication services have traditionally thrived in an offline world, principally because humanity did not have access to potent technology tools or the rapid acquisition of information. The Internet has been a notable response, apparently convincing nearly half a billion people of its utility. With the advent of the Internet, new media of communication exist that demand to be exploited by communication professionals. The following is a non-exhaustive list of examples of new forms of communication extant due to the growth in popularity of the Internet: * Communication through blog postings

* Communication through Web sites
* Communication to an international community via Web sites * Communication of vocational skills for online consumption * Communication through social-networking sites
Xavier Derico Consulting offers communication services to address each of these online-communication opportunities: * Communication through blog postings—editing-and-writing services; search-engine optimization services * Communication through Web sites—editing-and-writing services; search-engine optimization services * Communication to an international community via Web sites—editing-and-writing services; translation/localization services; search-engine optimization services * Communication of vocational skills for online consumption—editing-and-writing services; vocational-profile management; search-engine...
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