Wgu Supply Chain Analysis

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Supply Chain
Xavier Smith
Western Governors University


This submission offers an analysis of the results from the supply-chain simulation. The submission will discuss strength areas, areas of opportunities, and lessons learned at the end of the simulation.

Supply-Chain Analysis
This submission analyzes the results of the supply-chain simulation completed. This analysis will comprise several noted points encountered in the simulation. Each discussion point will include a discussion of the correlation of the author’s actions with the simulation results, comparative success results, and alternate actions to produce better results. Further analysis will be applied to the author’s actions with relation to just-in-time inventory management and lean operations. An analysis will also be offered of the application of work cells in the simulated manufacturing plant. Inventory management will also be analyzed. Finally, the author will discuss continuous-improvement plans that lead to high-quality products and services. Simulation Analysis

Quarter 1 Analysis
Simulation Actions: The author had two aims: 1) capture the majority of the most price-insensitive market and 2) focus on a small, high-margin segment. The author was never motivated by being a market leader in all markets. The Mercedes market was the most price-insensitive out of the four. The North American and European markets were the most metropolitan and lucrative, with sales opportunities of 4,822 and 3,459, respectively.

The Mercedes market consists of thought professionals, such as engineers and scientists, who require substantial computing power to process complex calculations. Their computers should focus on raw power, speed of executing complex calculations, and interconnectivity with other systems and networks. The author believed providing the right equipment to this group could engender brand loyalty, although, admittedly, there is no empirical evidence in quarter 1 to substantiate such claim. The author also chose to target the Travelers market because it demonstrated an impressive demand potential in both the North American and European markets. A notable caveat for this market is its price sensitivity. However, the constituency of this market includes high-ranking officials and C-level management professionals, all of which have high incomes and are well-connected, which indicates that offering a stellar product at a price they can afford may generate brand evangelists, thereby leading to higher revenue and profit. Obviously, portability and access to industry-accepted productivity software, such as word processors and spreadsheets, are important, but also systems with stellar levels of interconnectivity are de rigueur. Actions to Results: The actions in this quarter were focused on establishing processes to generate as much revenue as possible during the subsequent quarters. Therefore, there were no results to discuss. Here is an explanation of several first-quarter actions, however.

For Human Resources, the author reviewed industry-standard remuneration packages for sales professionals to assist in determining what package the company would offer to new employees. (The actual remuneration package is established in quarter 2.) The human-resources manager is Xavier Smith, also the president of the company.

For Marketing, the initial advertising brand name was “Enterprise PC,” which focused on scientific/engineering software, multimedia engineering software, standard design, widescreen monitor, powerful computer processor—CPU—and Internet connection.

For Marketing, a second brand called “Mobile Ultimate” was created for the travelers segment. Features such as office applications, mobile games, travel multimedia, average CPU, and Internet connection targeted this system to the mobile professional needing to maintain constantly efficient and connected.

For Sales Offices, the company chose to open a location in...
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