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Romanticism and Realism
In the late 18th century when the Industrial Revolution started to spread from England to other countries such as France, Spain and Germany and even in the U.S, the changes that its dynamic brought to the society were drastic and radically different of what people were used to until then. The work hours become longer; young children and their parents were working most of the time; new factories opened up and old villages now were the main workforce source to keep the production level up to the demand and supply requests. Villages started turning into urban centers, crowded by large number of people; poor people that lived in squalor; dirty environment that was suffering the consequences of the new industrialized era that had come. In a world where everything was changing rapidly, where the trade market and economy where shaping the form that life was taking, there were still people among the crowded urban areas that looked back with nostalgia and respect for what they had before. Longing and striving to keep the romantic past still among them, they turned to pictures and literacy to resolve the matters of heart, resolving mysteries of life and rebelling against the social orders and religion that had taken place. This started an intellectual and artistic movement that raged against the established values of the society and saw nature as a sanctuary to discover self, spiritual satisfaction and finding answers in the magic and the strong beauty of nature. This movement started what is called the Romanticism era. Romantics stood by their essence that emphasized the spirituality, free expression, deep feelings into someone’s life as a form of rebellion against the dehumanizing effects of the industrialization. They strived to trigger an emotional response with their art work; bring the nostalgia for the pastoral life, power of nature and grandeur of its magical ability in stirring life’s mysteries and enriching someone’s soul. Romanticism era characterized itself by a unique style that was not looking to provide hope or serve as a motivation for people, but instead to wake up the feelings inside someone’s soul; to value the emotions and not let those go away with the industrialization. Romanticism art valued emotions over reason; senses over intellect and spirituality over subjectivism.

Realism Art is a movement that started in 1850’s in France and completely emerged in the society in mid-1900’s.The artists of this movement were inspired by the reality and the changes that the industrialization brought. They believed that every object in the environment exists and is independent on its own shape and consistency and there is nothing to discuss about it. Realism emphasized that imitating nature with a paintbrush and canvas is an art work that represents the reality faithfully and it is known to the artist that represents it. Realism art focuses on accuracy and truth and is against Romanticism. Providing art work that is as close to the original existing object or event in the nature is what realism artists strive to provide and not the fake spirituality or the supposed emotional meaning of the nature. They believed that the previous artificiality of Romanticism and Classicism is not the truth and they needed to provide society with real art, contemporary style. This contemporary style will revolve around the everyday life, simple people, humble civilians, ordinary events and lower classes. Basically what Realism Art was about had to do with a silent form of awakening call introduced via paintings and literacy to the society to open their eyes and see the truth of the everyday life; how it is changing; how it gets done and to embrace and except it for what it is, its existence and not try to cover it with spirituality, feelings, abstract or irrational emotions that are not tangible. Both art...
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