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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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Application of the Expectancy Theory
As Judge describes in Organizational Behavior, the Expectancy Theory, initially developed by Victor Vroom, proposes that an employee can be motivated to maximum levels of performance when a manager can match the organizational rewards to the personal goals. The personal goals are those that they are attractive to individual employees. In order to achieve this, Vroom examines the three key components and relationships that take place between the following aspects of the employer-employee relationship: individual effort, individual performance, organizational rewards, and personal goals.

The first component is the effort-performance relationship, or expectancy, which refers to the perception of an individual employee that they are able to exert the levels of effort required to reach a desired level of performance. The second component is the performance-reward relationship, or instrumentality, which is the individual employee’s belief that performing at the desired level facilitates the attainment of particular organizational rewards. The third component is the rewards-personal goals relationship, or valence, which looks at the ability of those organizational rewards to help that individual achieve their personal goals and whether or not those goals are particularly attractive to the individual.

In practice, the Expectancy Theory might describe the habits of a good sales person at a company with clearly defined sales goals. The sales person wants to send their children to a good college and so they strive to meet their sales goals and maximize their attainment of spiffs and bonuses. This same structure keeps the sales person focused on the needs of the customer rather than just selling snake oil. If they sell the customer on products or services for which they are not well suited or which are of low quality then they threaten their chances of return business from that same customer. This would ultimately detract from...
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