Wgirl/Wboy Calenders

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MBA 6611

This case is about a guy named Luke Atkins, from Richard Ivey School at the University of Western Ontario. Luke is a person interested in making calendars and raising money for a charitable fund. He wants to feature both men and women in his calendar. He has previous experience with fund raising with calendars when he when created a calendar featuring Western rugby players to raise money for the team. He now wants to focus on charities like Breast Cancer Society (for women) and Jesse’s Journey Foundation (for men) for patients with neuromuscular disease. He wants his calendar to feature seductive pictures of 12 men and 12 women. Luke has contacted several local businesses about sponsorships in his calendars, but his primary focus is on the students on campus. Luke knows there are many other calendars out there available to students, such as free one’s given away by the school to first-year students, as well as some competitor’s calendars which sell for $13.00. Luke is considering selling his calendars for $10.00-12.00. He has to analyze the cost of production, promotion, hiring 12 models for each calendar type, their salary based on sales, photography, and the costs of post production works. He has two formats in mind, a 16-page calendar that would include 12 pages for the months, 1 cover page, 1 back page, and 2 extra pages that would feature the central picture. The other format is a 28-page format that would have 2 pages for every month. In order to do these calendars for charities he also has to approach the charities therefore he also has to create a marketing plan for raising funds to achieve his goal. Analysis:

An analysis of this case provides the following information: If Luke focuses on selling to students, then he stand a chance of targeting their extended family also like their relatives and friends. Advertisement on the calendars regarding charity will attract customers who willing...
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