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  • Published: January 16, 2013
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chapter 9

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

__C_1.Motives activate behavior and propel the organism
a.|to flee.|c.|toward goals.|
b.|to respond.|d.|to drives.|

___D_2.Psychologists define hypothetical states that activate behavior and propel one towards goals as a.|needs.|c.|drives.|

__A__3.Motives are described as hypothetical states because a.|they cannot be seen or measured directly.|
b.|they cannot be measured.|
c.|there is no theory of motivation.|
d.|they are questionable.|

___D_4.Motives can take the form of
a.|needs, drives, and incentives.|c.|stimuli, events, and actions.| b.|requirements, desires, and impulses.|d.|both a and b|

___A_5.Examples of physiological needs are
a.|oxygen, food, water and proper temperature.|
b.|love, esteem and finances.|
c.|waste elimination.|
d.|both a and c|

___D_6.Motives are believed to give rise to

__B__7.Needs can be described as
a.|physiological and psychological.|c.|psychological and spiritual.| b.|physiological and biological.|d.|permanent states.|

__D__8.Physiological needs must be met
a.|by caretakers.|c.|in order to be happy.|
b.|by the environment.|d.|in order to survive.|

__C__9.An animal has requirements to eat and drink. A species must reproduce. Behavior is organized to maintain the proper temperature. These are all examples of a.|learned behavior.|c.|survival needs.|

b.|unconscious motives.|d.|preferences.|

___C_10.Needs give rise to

__A__11.Hunger is to _______ as food deprivation is to _______. a.|desire; motive|c.|incentive; drive|
b.|drive; need|d.|motive; desire|

__B_12.A need for approval may cause an individual to
a.|withdraw from others.|c.|seek to please others.|
b.|fear rejection.|d.|go without food.|...
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