Wetlands Essay

Topics: Wetland, Ramsar Convention, Wetlands Pages: 7 (2045 words) Published: October 20, 2010
Subject: Year 10 Creek to Coast – Wetlands in Danger
Assessment Piece:| Research Report & Oral Presentation| Year Level:| 10|
Student’s Name:| Leonard Leong|
Teacher’s Name:| Mr Graf|
Length:| Maximum 1000 – 1200 words|
Due Date:| Thursday, 29 May 2008. (no later than 2.00pm)| | |

This report aims to delineate the reasons why the wetland area ‘Crown Land’ owned by the Queensland Government should not be developed into multi-levelled apartment complexes for housing. Research was undertaken into the topic and a range of reasons on why wetlands are more important than the need for extra housing were identified. The report is concentrated around the benefits of having wetlands such as how they help to prevent flooding, cleansing of our waterways by filtering pollutants out and adding social, economic and cultural value to our community. An interesting finding was that wetlands were ranked amongst the most highly threatened ecosystems on the planet. This was due to development and economic progress and inconsistencies within government policies. As such, the government should be fighting for the survival of the wetlands instead of trying to build housing estates on them. In conclusion, it is clear that wetlands are an important part of our society and we benefit from them everyday because of the valuable services they provide.

Table of Contents
Subject| Page|
1.0 Introduction| 3|
2.0 Importance of Wetlands - Biodiversity| 4|
2.1 Shoreline Stabilisation & Storm Protection| 4|
2.2 Water Purification & Flood Control| 4|
2.3 Cultural Value and Historical Significance| 5|
2.4 Recreation and Tourism| 5|
3.0 Habitat Destruction| 6|
3.1 The Ramsar Convention| 6|
4.0 Conclusion| 7|
Bibliography| 8|

During the past five years, the greater Brisbane metropolitan area has experienced rapid growth due, partly, to the efforts of the Queensland State Government to encourage Australians from interstate to relocate here. The Government campaign has promoted the Sunshine State, particularly the south east corner, as a great place to live.

This high growth rate, however, has resulted in an increasing need for the provision of infrastructure by the local government authorities (ie. City/shire councils), especially for the safe and effective treatment and disposal of wastewater and stormwater. The cost of providing this infrastructure currently exceeds local council budget levels and the Queensland Government is reluctant to increase taxes in order to cover infrastructure costs.

A land development corporation from Sydney has made a competitive offer to buy the site that contains the wetlands, then drain it, fill it and build multi-level apartment complexes there (to house approximately 10 000 people). The government is seriously considering the offer because the sale would provide much needed housing and would generate revenue to meet current infrastructure needs. It has referred the matter to the local council for consideration. After holding a council meeting, the council are seeking public feedback regarding the proposal.

As a concerned citizen, this report has been prepared in order to fight for the survival of wetlands and to outline some of the key reasons why wetlands should be protected.

Wetlands are low-lying ecosystems that are permanently or periodically saturated with water at or close to the surface. (World Book, 2002) The most common types of wetlands are swamps, marshes, shallow open waters, and mires. (Wilcox, Douglas A, 2008) During the recent council deliberations, the comment of one local councillor caught my attention. “Wetlands are muddy, mosquito-infested swamps. Their removal is a sign of progress and we should not be spending time and money conserving them.” That statement is of great concern because...
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