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Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, Political philosophy Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: November 3, 2010

Nowadays immigration is very common and usual in the world, but especially in

America, Europe and those countries which are considered powerful, strong in economy

and other systems of government. There are a lot of legal and illegal immigrants from all

over the world in the united states of America. But the question is: should we allow

illegal people to stay?

First of all I’d like to discuss how people enter the USA. It’s easy to cross the

USA’s border legally. Some people come to visit with tourist visas, student visas, some

of them with work and study visas, but majority of them decide to overstay their visas and

they become illegal immigrants. The drawbacks are: they can’t work or study, they can’t

have medical insurance and for many reasons they have hard time and can’t find their

place in the USA.

Now I’d like to talk about under what conditions we should allow people to stay.

The first criteria is people who regularly pay their taxes, the second one is immigrants

who live in America more than 10 years and are appropriate to this country by defending

the law. I think in this case there could be also considered intelligent, educated and

skillful immigrants to stay, because their brains and experience will be useful for this

country. America should use these clever people. I suppose the USA must allow people to

arrive in America if they have medical problems, if they want to get a good education, if

they seek political asylum. As the USA has a lottery for getting a green card, it means that this country needs thousands of immigrants every year.

In conclusion now America more or less should let all the illegal immigrants stay

in this country and have all necessary documents that needs any independent American

person, of course if a person didn’t do any crime. And then it will be significant to take

all kind of visas under a strict control.
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