Westward Expansion

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Westward expansion

The California gold rush began 24 January 1848 because James W Marshall found gold in Sutters Mill, Coloma. The owner of the mill, John Sutter, wanted to keep it quiet about the discovery. But rumours spread and it came 300 000 people from the rest of the United States and tens of thousands from Latin America, Australia, Europe and China. It was not easy to get to California and many people died on the way. The immigrants were later called forty-niners and came to California to find happiness. The miners lived in tents, wood shanties or deck cabins and hoped to find gold so that they could by themselves a house. Many became rich, but a lot of people did not found anything. In the beginning of the gold rush you could just pick up the gold nuggets from the ground. But then you had to look in streams and riverbeds. The most common way to pick it up was with a simple technic called panning.

* Both good and bad consequences came out of the gold rush. San Francisco grew to a bigger town very fast. From thousand inhabitants 1848 to 25 thousands in 1850. * California became a state 1850 and developed fast.

* Many people moved to California so they built many schools, churches and roads. * 1849 a state constitution was written and a governor and legislature chosen. * By 1869 railroads were built across the country and other methods developed such as steamships came in to regular service. * Many ranches and agriculture expanded because all the new settles needed food. * A new type of pants was invented and they are still very popular. They are called Jeans!

* When all the new people came, they forced the Native Americans away. They tried to convince them to move by themselves and if they did not listen they forced them to move to the other side of the Mississippi river. * About hundred thousands Indians died. Approximately 4500 of them were murdered. The other died of diseases. Because they were...
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