Westward Expansion

Topics: United States, Louisiana Purchase, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 3 (1029 words) Published: March 11, 2013
The United States serves as a giant puzzle. From coast to coast, each region of land is slowly being put together. This is very similar to westward expansion. From 1801 to1844, westward expansion spread rapidly and America experienced a serious change in national unity. During this period territorial expansion had a very large impact and overall brought Americans together. During the early 1800’s (1800-1823) the Louisiana Purchase and Treaty of 1818 increased national unity. The Louisiana Purchase was economically beneficial and generally cemented the union. The Treaty of 1818 resolved boundary issues between the United States and the United Kingdom and Ireland allowing joint occupations of the Oregon territory. This eventually led to the purchase of the Oregon Territory and eventually the Mexican Cession. American expansion to the Pacific was a reasonable goal and was made ultimately uniting American to what it is today “from sea to shining sea”.

Expanding from the eastern Atlantic to the western Pacific was not an easy process. As population increased, the east coast started to get very overpopulated and cramped. Farmers decided to move west as they were enticed by cheaper land. This was a new beginning for America. Curiosity spread as farmers made their way to move westward. Similar to Columbus’ ambition to discover new land, Jefferson wanted to continue to expand America and purchased the Louisiana territory. Although it was thought to be unconstitutional, Jefferson purchased it anyways to remove France and to protect the U.S trade access to New Orleans and the Mississippi. This improved national unity. Since Americans had a vast majority of land they could exploit it and have access to trading ports. They could trade easily and more frequent benefitting the economy extremely. Although this benefited the U.S., tensions rose between the North and South. The south committed itself to the slave system and cotton growing while the north focused on moving to...
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