Westjet - Product and Services

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Products and services:
WestJet started its services in 1996 with just 3 aircrafts and landing rights to five destinations in Canada. By the end of 2011, WestJet had become one of the leading airlines in Canada, by providing services to a total of 76 destinations within continent North America. The airline currently offers scheduled services, international charter services and Trans-border services to the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico and Canada. As per the annual report of 2011, WestJet currently operates four directly owned subsides – WestJet Investments, WestJet Operations, WestJet Aircraft Acquisitions and WestJet Vacations. With these strategic developments they tend to offer distinguished services to all their guests and stakeholders.

WestJet Vacations:
WestJet started its vacation segments in the year of 2006 and has evolved as fun, family friendly business. In the year 2011, WestJet linked its vacations website www.westjetvacations.com to its main portal at www.westjet.com . WestJet currently offers affordable vacations deals to all the destinations on its route map. Including its partnership with flagship resorts and hotels all around North America, it has been to offer its guests all inclusive deals at amazing prices. By having all vacations posted online it becomes easier for guests to select and compare deals. By having integrated online flight status and online check-ins they have made it much easier for the guests to travel with them. By obtaining its direct selling license for the province of Quebec, it can market its vacation deals directly to the end consumers.

With their extensive flight schedules, it’s up to the guests to decide about the length of their vacations. Special services are provided for people with disability and families travelling with kids. Some of the deals also include free breakfast for kids and free nights. WestJet also markets its product as most safe and reliable, by taking care of its guests in case of delays and natural disasters.


Most of the services offered by WestJet are done on a one to one basis. As all WestJet employees are shareholders in the company, it allows them to take care of their guests in a personalized manner.

* Airline Partnerships: WestJet has been constantly working and building relationships with different airlines, so that their guests can reach and experience more destinations with just one ticket. This is achieved by growing their network of code share agreements. Currently WestJet has code-share partnership agreements with American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, Japan Airlines, KLM and Korean Air. This code-share agreement means that guests would be flying with these airlines according to their terms and conditions – in short, WestJet provides its guests with connecting flights to different destinations which the above airlines fly to.

* Checked-in Baggage: WestJet currently offers its guests with the facility of two checked in baggage for all destinations except Jamaica for which only one baggage is allowed. Guests can also check-in an extra bag for just twenty dollars. Whereas, its competitors such as Air Canada charge their guests seventy dollars for an extra bag.

* WestJet Travel Credits: WestJet offers its customers with convenient services regarding ticket bookings. If any ticket booked and paid for, needs to be cancelled within 24 hours of booking WestJet offers 100% refund to its customers. If it exceeds 24 hours, WestJet charges its customers an applicable penalty fee and creates a new profile for its customer in which the amount paid remains intact and can be used for future travels within a year.

* Hurricane promise/ Safety: Safety of the customers has been a top priority for WestJet. Every WestJetter is responsible for ensuring the highest level of safety for themselves and foremost their guests. If any guest is travelling with WestJet to or from a location affect by a hurricane,...
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