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Topics: Southwest Airlines, Avianca, Airline Pages: 2 (344 words) Published: October 4, 2012
The Organization: WestJet
Competitors: AMR Corporation (American Airlines), Air Canada, Alaska Air Group, Inc. Markets: Vacation goers who would prefer flying instead of driving long hours and business travelers where they can get a faster service because they have to be somewhere in a specific time. Industry (or sector): Airline Industry

The Macro-environment: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal
POLITICAL: Transport Canada regulates the pre-board security screening for carry-on bags.
ECONOMIC: WestJet has a lot of investments in programs where they give help to the community. Some of these are WestJet Care for Kids, Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada, Hope Air, Make-A-Wish Canada and lot more. By having these investments, it creates growth rates which helps the economy. What attracts WestJet markets’ is the fact that the airline offers low airfares with the best service within North America. Through this, even though there is low revenue, it still is more as there are tons of customers who pay for their service.

SOCIAL: As mentioned earlier, people who choose WestJet are the mostly repeat customers. WestJet’s vision is to make customers happy and this is what their customers get. Through this, the customers gain one similarity when it comes to choosing an airline.

TECHNOLOGICAL: WestJet has only been investing in aircrafts that are equipped with CFM56-7B turbofan engines which provide up to a percent of having better fuel consumption. Not only it’s safe, cheap it’s also for a long-term investment.

ENVIRONMENTAL: WestJet is a very committed airline not only in giving service to its market but also making sure that the environment is being taken care of. The airline does have the goal of investing in more fuel-efficient jet aircrafts. As well, in order to create lesser emissions from their aircrafts, they operate their fleet with the safest efficient procedure. The airline also has a policy in reducing their water...
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