Westjet Case Anaysis

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WestJet Airlines is a Calgary-based discount airline founded in 1996. Starting with only three aircrafts in 1996, the company is now “Canada’s leading high-value low-fare airline.” The management of WestJet Airlines assumes that the success of the business is anchored in the culture of the corporation and the welcoming service provided to its customers. Beddoe, the president and the CEO of WestJet, is proud of the airlines performance and the customer service it offers. He believes that the corporate culture was the key to success and the company’s attainment. WestJet’s culture is very entertaining, hassle-free, unperturbed, and relaxed. The ratings of the customer satisfaction are higher than those of the other airlines. Top management trusts and values its employees. It is assumed that having content, cheerful personnel results in a first-rate customer service. WestJet is a company that is managed “from the bottom up.” As Beddoe states, “We set some standards and expectations, but don’t interfere in how our people do their jobs.” Due to the fact that the employees and the management work as a crew, WestJet management saves money on hiring additional human resources. There is no need for supervisors because the employees supervise themselves and work together towards the organization’s goal. The corporation culture is what led WestJet to their “victory.”

With the success, the company came to a decision about expanding its market. With the development strategy, the risk of the culture of the company being vanished draws closer. This is the foremost problem that WestJet might face. In view of the fact that culture is what made the company successful, with it being misplaced, it would be hard for WestJet to accomplish their purpose – customer satisfaction. The involvement culture of WestJet helped it in achieving high employee performance, increasing revenue, and escalating customer service satisfaction. WestJet’s culture is based on trust and respect among all...
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