Western Way of Thinking

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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BriLeigh Spilde
Professor Schaar
Western culture brings its own way of thinking, as is with any culture. Something that our culture puts a lot of value on is money. We value these pieces of paper as something to strive for. The people with the most power tend to have the most money. Some people even believe that money is happiness.

Our country has a democracy, in which the government gets its power through the consent of the people. These people are each his/her own individual person, with a unique personality and physical appearance. Everyone leads one life in whatever way he/she so chooses. Our own life is one idea each of us questions or examines often.

This leads me to the idea that individuals of Western civilization are self-critical. Our own lives are a big mystery we want to solve. What we don’t realize yet is that we will not solve the mystery that is our life until the end of it. Therefore, “live life to the fullest” has become a common phrase. This lifestyle is all about doing what you’ve always wanted to do because you never know when you’re mystery will be solved. I am not here to persuade, but to inform.

We are only able to live with the lifestyle of our choosing because we have that freedom. We are free to “[pursue] happiness.” A certain lifestyle could be a part of that happiness we all wish to achieve. Another key part of our happiness could be to be intelligent, or to have knowledge.

Other cultures that arose before Western culture would say that some sort of god was the answer when they didn’t know the answer. The Western way of thinking is all about research, experimenting, and sometimes guessing at first. We don’t just leave it to gods. We use our logic and scientific skills to find a truer answer to the unknown, or previously unknown. Our culture is traditional but ever-changing.
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