Western vs. Eastern European Jews

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  • Published : May 2, 2011
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Western Vs. Eastern European Jews
In this essay I will be discussing the second question on the sheet. This question asks to compare and contrast what Jewish life was like in Eastern Europe compared to the Jewish lifestyle in Western Europe. To understand what lead to the differences seen between Jews in these two regions, it is important to see how they ended up where they did and the history that came with them. The Jewish people came to Europe with the Romans, and had settled in many places throughout Europe. Because they originally lived under strict Christian rule, many of their rights and freedoms were limited. They were even told where they could move to and did not have the freedom to settle where ever they wanted. Sometimes they were not allowed to buy property or homes when they came to a new state. The Jewish work force was dictated as well, allowing them access to only a few professions. In the early 1800’s when Jews went to Russia they were looked upon as a threat and were limited to how many students could study in school. That is why many went to Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The Jewish people became tired of the restrictions they experienced in many countries and many left for the United States. Once Though legally, the rights for the Jewish people looked brighter, the social acceptance and true equality did not exist. Higher positions in education and business were reserved for non Jewish people. In 1933 the largest Jewish population was on the eastern side of Europe, in countries like Poland, the Soviet Union, Hungry and Romania. In Eastern Europe the Jewish people actually adhered strictly to their own with culture, and did not adopt many of the host countries’ traditions. There were large groups of them who were able to support each other and sustain the life they wanted separate from the rest of the country. They never gave up their life style for any one; they existed as their own community. They bought...
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