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By | October 2011
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IStockPhoto Case Study
1. As the organizational development consultant for iStockphoto the steps I took to ensure the success with the stakeholders was to assist the change management team in coming up with the new invention of microstock photography. By providing high quality stock photos at extremely low price points iStockphoto’s new improvement was offering all its photo licenses royalty-free, available to download over the Internet. Having high quality photos licensed for free was a game changing development in the stock photography market. IStockphoto also drastically reduced the cost of stock photography for the customers that could not afford traditional sources of stock photography. Also being the consultant of istockphoto we took our issues of problem solving and asked for advice from members that essentially was vital to the growth of our online community such as asking for new business ideas or changes to the website. From the advice and criticism we were able to as a team implement the change and restructure the company in a positive way. 2. The values of istockphoto’s partners were a very unique set of characteristics and beliefs; they did something that most companies couldn’t successfully pull off. The fact that iStockphoto wasn’t created as a business venture from the start was a big factor in measuring iStockphoto’s success. They had the value or concept of building the business on a royalty-free use and for the community to provide and upload feedback, pictures, ideas and profiles. The competitive advantage of the company came from them offering cheaper prices for the imagery on the website, having a forum to discuss topics over what pictures should be uploaded and changes being needed. They let the users really have the overall deciding factor and didn’t force change upon the website. Most importantly the microstock model put any other firm into a non-comparable category and istockphoto was a powerhouse until the...

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