Western Influences

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Western Imperialism in Asia



Trading System



Imperialism- a state of conquering one’s land and/ or territory to expand, influence, and to colonize one’s culture in order to rise. Imperialism
* Conquer
* Colonization
* To rise
* Influence
* To expand
Crusade- holy war
Crusader- holy knight who fight for religion of roman Catholicism 1ST Crusade-successful in conquering the holy land from the Muslims 2nd Crusade-not successful in conquering the holy land from the Muslims 3rd Crusade-not successful again due to lack of fund

4th Crusade-not successful because the crusader allowed the Muslims to capture Constantinople. 3 G’s of Spain for the Philippines
Gold-trading system
Glory-political system
First 3 Spanish Conquerors of the Philippines
1. Miguel Lopez de Legazpi
2. Martin de Goiti
3. Juan de Salcedo
Famous Western Navigator that sailed in Asia
a. Marco Polo-he wrote tales about China and India
b. Henry the Navigator-he drew route maps that help Portuguese sea captains to sail unfamiliar waters -Prince of Portugal; Son of King John I of Portugal c. Vasco de Gama-is voyage enabled Portuguese to take over the spices in India d. Bartholomew Diaz-he sailed the tip of Africa. He called the tip of the continent “Cape of Good Hope” “Cape of Good Hope”-safest place on Earth

Ferdinand Magellan
-Chronicle: Antonio Pigafeta
-Portuguese navigator
Mar Pacifico (Peaceful Ocean)

British rule in India
The Mogul Empire
* Known as a system of organized Brigandage
* Ruled during the 17th century
Shah Jahan
* Ruled during 1628-1658
* Mark the height of Mogul Empire
* Son of Shah Jahan
* A cunning ,ruthless, and fanatical riding in India
* 50 years after his death his empire collapsed
East Indian Company-a company established for the trading system...
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