Western Expansion

Topics: Sitting Bull, Lakota people, Battle of the Little Bighorn Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Western Expansion

Many atrocities happened while the white people tried to subjugate the Native Americans and near the 1900s several events happened that helped quell the Native American rebelliousness and help their assimilation into America. Some of these events were the Wounded Knee Massacre, the Battle of the Little BigHorn, Sitting Bull, and Cultural Assimilation. In June, 1976, the Sioux and the Cheyenne Indians held a sun dance. During the sun dance, Sitting Bull had a vision of soldiers and some Native Americans falling from their mounts. He inferred that it was a sign of victory for his people. Soon after the vision, the Sioux were victorious in battle. This gave the Indians morale, for the next skirmish would be against General Custard in Little Big Horn. The Battle of Little Big Horn, began on June 25, 1876. Colonel George Custer attacked against his scout’s warnings against a camp of Lakota Indians following Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse with 200 men. The Lakota Indians numbers were between 2000 and 3000, and they easily defeated Custards army that was physically exhausted prior to the battle. The Indians killed all 200 men, including Colonel George Custer himself.

Public outrage for Custer's and his army’s defeat led to the government sending many more soldiers to the area. The military forces harried the Indians since the battle in an attempt to force the Indians to surrender. On May 1877, Sitting Bull and some followers went across the border into Saskatchewan, Canada. The Lakota Indians stayed in exile for many years refusing a pardon. When they were in Canada, Sitting Bull met with the chief of the Blackfeet Crowfoot, long time enemies of the Lakota. Sitting Bull wanted to make peace their former enemies, and Crowfoot, who was an advocate of peace, accepted the peace offering. The Lakota Indians with Sitting Bull and nearly 200 other Sioux returned to the United States in 1881 to finally surrender. Sitting Bull and his young son Crow...
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