Western Contemporary Issues

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  • Published : December 11, 2010
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Western Contemporary Issues

Western contemporary issues plague religious traditions. As new issues arise, religious leaders have to scramble to give congregations advise on how to address these issues. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity have all had to struggle with contemporary issues, especially in the Western secular world. Issues such as abortion create many problems for religious leaders, especially those in Western societies, and this can create animosity and hate amongst societies that are tolerant with different practices. Religious freedom is a gift. It is one that we were most generously given by our forefathers. From this freedom to practice religions freely has come secularism in a good portion of westernized societies. Secularism is when no one religion influences the practices and beliefs of the government (Websters, 2010). Secularism has given a gift of freedom of religion, or freedom of no religion, but with that comes many issues that take a secular side. Therefore, there is a disconnect between religions and government. Abortion is a well-debated issue. The question is when does life begin? Some people believe that it begins after birth, or when the fetus can survive outside the womb by itself. And some believe that it is when conception happens. This is where the abortion debate begins. Christians believe that life begins at conception; therefore, they do not believe in the act of abortion (Catechism, 2010). This is an issue that the United States government allows because the government believes in a woman’s right to choose if she would like to keep her child. This western contemporary issue is one that is debated. This issue has gone all the way to the Supreme Court. In the United States right now, abortion is legal. Societies that are religious based, especially those in the Middle East, try to fight the influence of the western contemporary societies. For example, abortions are not legal in these societies; however,...
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