Westcoast Regional Medical Center

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  • Published : September 25, 2008
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You are HR Director of Westcoast Regional Medical Center and you are currently faced with a shortage of nurses. Your firm currently has plans to expand the nursing staff by 11%. In addition, the annual turnover of the current 400 person nursing staff is 36%.

A. Describe how you would creatively recruit to fill your nursing position needs in this marketplace where there is a current undersupply of nurses.

I would seek to form partnerships with colleges and universities that have nursing programs. Westcoast Regional Medical Center would donate funding to the nursing programs of various schools. This will help grow the nursing programs and graduate more nurses into the work force which can help the In return, the colleges and universities would actively promote West Coast Regional to give them exposure in the schools. Internships can be provided, and nursing graduates can work full-time after school.

B. What activities and programs would you implement to retain your nurses?

In order to lower turnover on the nursing staff I would implement several changes. First, I would make sure that the work environment was as safe and as clean as possible. Second, I would design make the roles of advanced nurses more flexible in scope because of their increased standing as primary care providers. This will make them feel more involved and empowered. Third, I would increasingly use technology as a training tool in the form of webinars, online meetings, online courses to keep nurses involved by giving them opportunities to improve their skills and talents.
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