Westboro Baptist Church

Topics: Christianity, Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Westboro Baptist Church

The Westboro Baptist Church was founded in 1955 by Fred Phelps. During his youth he attended various Universities and Colleges. He said that he attended a Methodist revival and that was what sparked his fire in religion. Afterwards he decided to become a minister; he changed his denomination affiliation to Baptist and was ordained as a minister. His two sons insist that church is a carefully planned cult that allows its leader to make himself seem like a demigod.

Most of the community’s members are related, or are in relation to Fred Phelps. There is no exact number to how many people are affiliated with the church but a rough head count gives us the number 50. Some say the number is ranging from 70 to 90 to 150. It is understandable that they haven’t released their numbers to the public. One thing we do know for sure is that Westboro Baptist Church is growing in size. More people are joining every year from all over the country and now that their messages have spread over the world they might be in line to get international members.

Their spiritual beliefs fall under the category of Primitive Baptism. It is the very conservative wing of the Baptist tradition. The church posses a belief in that prior to their birth certain people are elected for Salvation from God. Their main belief consists of their famous line ‘Everybody’s going to hell’. Westboro Baptist Church also rejects the idea that offending people could turn them away from their faith in Jesus Christ. They also consider other religions to worship the devil. Claiming that they preach Arminian lies. Basically all churches that don’t condemn homosexuality and don’t have the same exact beliefs as the WBC will be sent straight to hell.

The churches goal seems to target every religion and basically spit on their beliefs. What some find absolutely ridiculous is that the US government actually pays for their travels. Their travels that consist of picketing funerals, churches...
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