Westboro Baptist

Topics: Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps, Patriot Guard Riders Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: April 7, 2013
In 1955 Fred Phelps, started the Westboro Baptist Church. He thought that he needed to warn people that “America is doomed” so his church started protesting. Phelps states that natural disasters are signs from God to show his disapproval of homosexuality. The church community protest to save mankind. Some people called Phelps “harsh and unloving” (Chapman) however, he counteracts this statement by saying that he is just teaching what the bible says about homosexuality. He believes that he is just offering warnings out of pure worry for the human race. Fred Phelps helped bring about the Protests by the Westboro Church to show Americans that we are all sinners and fall short of being let into heaven because of our sinful ways. Some churches being attacked decided to just ignore the protestors of Westboro Baptist Church because they think that the church is just seeking attention. However, some churches say that it is better to oppose the WBC’s views. As a way to pay back his community for always being accepting towards anyone, Jayson Garner got permission from several churches being attacked in Everett to hold a counter protest. People are also taking action. In North Carolina, as the WBC protest formed, so did a counter protest. As a WBC protestor tried to stomp on the American flag a fellow service member bull-rushed him. Although Barack Obama has placed restrictions on times that military protests may take place, WBC plans to go on undeterred. Brittany Allison, a cousin of Jeremy Harrison, who’s funeral was being threatened by Westboro Baptist Church, made a very valid point by saying that “If it wasn’t for our soldiers, they wouldn’t have the right to do something as ignorant as this” (News Channel). The Patriot Guard Riders was created as an organization to hold back the protests of the Westboro Church. The Government and other forces are stepping up and taking action against the WBC.
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