West Virginia

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Brittany Baker
Mrs. Sweet
English 11
April 2, 2013

West Virginia dialect is very unique. It’s a place where culture combines. Though everywhere in the United States is a combination of cultures, West Virginia is much more interesting in my opinion.

What is commonly called the “southern accent” in the United states might be one of the most common accent within the country. There are a number of sub- regional dialects found across the Southern United States, collectively known as Southern American English ("Southern American English"). Although people in the Southern United States speak different accents, they can still clearly understand each other, as do the United States and United Kingdom.

This dialect was discovered in the inland areas of the South. The area was settled largely by Irish, Scottish Highlanders, Northern and Western English, Welsh, and Germans.
The dialects northern boundary follows the Ohio River in a generally southwesterly direction, moves from Kentucky, across far southern Missouri and Oklahoma, and tapers out into Western Texas (“West Virginia”). Sometimes it’s used in Southern Illinois, Southern Ohio, and Southern Indiana. They use words such as “Y’all”. For example, “Y’all going fishing tonight?”. They use Y’all in place of “You all”.

West Virginia’s early history from 1609 until 1863 is largely shared with Virginia, of which it was a part until Virginia seceded from the Union in 1861. The delegates of the 40 western countries who opposed secession formed their own government, which was granted statehood in 1863. (“West Virginia”)

Few assumptions can be made about Southern Pronunciation as there is great variation between the regions of the south, between older and younger people, and between people of different backgrounds.

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