West Side Story

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Jared Malpass
PD. 5
West Side Story Theme Essay
In the movie West Side Story, there are many themes that were created. But the two that are the most important to me are, the importance of putting your differences aside, and that poor choices create bad outcomes. I think one of the themes that most reassembles West Side Story is, the importance of putting your differences aside is because both the Sharks and the Jets had there differences, but if they were to just put them aside then no one would of gotten hurt. For example, if Bernardo and Riff just put there differences aside then most likely they would of both lived instead of fighting causing both of them to get stabbed and die. Also when Tony and Maria put there differences aside, they found out that if you get past those few little things that separate them that they can get along. Actually, they didn't just get along, they feel in love. “True love” One of the other most important themes is that poor choices create bad outcomes, because in West Side Story many characters including Bernardo, Riff, and Tony made some bad choices which lead to very bad outcomes. For example the bad choices that Bernardo and Riff made were that they (as in sharks and Jets) agreed to have a fight between them two. Then when they agreed to do that, Tony made the bad choice of trying to stop the fight. when the fight started, Riff and Bernardo were going at it with knives. Soon after, Riff was stabbed and killed. Then Tony came out of nowhere and stabbed Bernardo. All of the choices they made resulted into a bad outcome bcaue Bernardo and Riff were killed, and Tony killed his lovers brother. Overall in the movie West Side Story, the two best themes that reassemble the movie are the importance of putting your differences aside, and that poor choices create bad outcomes.
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