West Indies Yacht Club Resort

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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West Indies Yacht Club Resort (Case No. 1)

I.Problem Statement:
Patrick Dowd must find a way to unify the different types of cultures at the West Indies Yacht Club Resort. Thus he can use his expertise to recommend strategies to the resort.

a.Develop ways to recognize culture differences and work on how to coexist. b.Break into groups based on culture and have these groups form teams and work together. c.Stricter management.

a.Develop ways to recognize culture differences and work on how to coexist. According to some quotes from employees it seems as if American employees do not understand why the British Virgin Island (BVI) employees act a certain way and vise versa. The expatriates are obviously looking to maximize their pay and job status while the natives are looking to maintain relationships with the coworkers and have as little responsibilities as possible. This thinking seems to be set in stone, thus as they say, “teaching an old dog new tricks” is quite tough. Although it would be nice to have everyone drop their cultural differences and work a certain way the minute they sign a contract to work at the West Indies Yacht Club Resort, it is clearly impossible. Plus is always nice to have different cultures working together and blending, kind of like a big University i.e. Rutgers University or a big city, i.e. New York City. The idea is to learn about the others and step outside your norms in order to broaden your horizons. Knowing this, it would be nice for everyone to learn about culture and how there are specific learned norms of societies that reflect the attitudes, beliefs, values and customs of different groups. One way for the BVI natives and the expatriates to learn about each other can be through hosting seminars and/or classes that teach about culture and working together. In the report, Dave Pickering simply cannot understand why the natives don’t bust it for the day knowing that they can...
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