West Indian Literature Is Much More Colourful and Reflects Greater Analytical Depth Than That of English Literature

Topics: United Kingdom, Poetry, British Isles Pages: 4 (1388 words) Published: December 23, 2012
English Literature is much more colourful and has greater analytical depth than West Indian Literature. It is often said that “the grass is greener on the other side.” For many which is located closer to us or that which we have become more accustom to often appear to be of lesser value and totally depreciated. The veracity of this observation is definitely pertinent as we look comparatively at the literary perspectives locally, and that which is regarded as foreign. English Literature is much more colourful and has greater analytical depth than West Indian Literature. This view is certainly myopic. It’s only with a closer look at what we have in the West Indies we will come to realize the real beauty and intellectual excellence we have right here in our own back yard. The truthfulness of this enlighten perspective will be fully borne out as we incisively compare and contrast excerpts of the literary works of writers and poets from two different climes- one which is emblazon by colourful sunshine, and the other chilled by wintry winds. One is cognizant that to deal with all three genres will be exhausting. Hence, because of the time and space only two genres will be the focus of this paper. Before we actually begin our comparative analysis, it will be useful to explicate the key terms of this topic. The key terms in this topic are: Literature, much more colourful, and greater analytical depth. The Merriam Webster Dictionary states that “Much more colourful” means a greater degree of variety or interest. That same source defines “greater analytical depth” as the degree of intensity of function words instead of inflectional forms as a characteristic device of a language. With these definitions in mind, it is imperative to restate my stance that West Indian Literature has a greater degree of variety or interest and has a degree of intensity with the function of words instead as a characteristic device of a language. Caribbean literature is the term generally...
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