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Autobiographical Narrative
Dashain is the greatest festival of Nepalese than other festivals. In dashain festival all Nepalese people play swings for enjoyment. My event was occurred in same dashain festival. When I was six years old, I went to play swing with my sister. There was crowed of people for playing swing. When I my turn came, I star to play. Unfortunately, I fell down and got bad hit in my heaps. Then, I start to cry. Then my sister carries me to mom because there were no hospital to go. Then my mom massaged my heaps with oil. I don’t know how I slept that night with full of pain. Next day, when I get up there was no pain. Then my sis came and asked me “are you fine now?”. I said no. then she carry me put in the mat. Then she did whatever I say to her because I was not able to walk. That day I enjoyed a lot. I think that I did good by saying I’m not well. Next day morning, I said samething than she carry and put in mat. I said her “I want to go restroom.” but she didn’t listen me and run away. I became angry and chase her. She stopped and laugh at me because I can’t walk and I was running. In my angriness, I forgot that I was doing drama of being not well. Then I was busted.

Today I felt guilty what I did with my sister. My sister always laugh at me when she memorize it.
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