Wes Moore

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Everyone controls there own destiny. Just some people live life a different way from others do. For example the author didn’t get to end up in  jail as Wes did because he had more motivation and support from his parents and plus when the author was sent away he had made a change. two boys living in Baltimor who shares a similar life history within the same black community.  Both of the Wes Moore’s could have been successful, it’s just one’s mother had was fortunate to send him away to military school. Both the author Wes Moore and incarcerated Wes Moore were raised in single parent homes in Baltimore. They both encountered difficulties growing up. As time progressed their fates started to change.   If the other Wes Moore had a positive role model or a guide to keep him on track, he might have turned out different or even made wiser decisions. Wes Moore, the author, admired Colin Powell. They both shared the same vision and drive for success.   While the other Wes Moore only had his older brother Tony to look up to. By this time the other Wes Moore had four kids, by two different women. He was introduced to Job Corps by his friend Levy. Wes excelled while in Job Corps and found his purpose for being there and that was to provide for his family the honest way.
Wes Moore’s mother Joy found an alternative to letting the streets take over her son. She sent him to military school, Valley Forge in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Moore ran away five times before he ended up at the school. He found his life’s purpose while attending military school. Wes became a leader and took on roles of such. Wes grew up to be a Rhodes Scholar, decorated veteran, White House Fellow, and business.  The author knew how to control his destiny but wes wasn’t able to because of the support. 
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