Were the Difficulties Faced by Charles Ii Due More to Financial Concerns Than Foreign Policy?

Topics: Charles II of England, Foreign policy, Policy Pages: 4 (1433 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Were the difficulties faced by Charles II due more to financial concerns than foreign policy in the years 1667-1678?

Charles II faced a vast amount of difficulties during his reign, but particularly during the period of 1667-1678. He suffered financial difficulties, foreign policy issues and religious problems. Finance became an obvious problem due to his lack of funds, however his foreign policy was constantly needing money, and a combination of both left Charles with many difficulties. A substantial difficulty that Charles II faced was that of finance. Finance was a major issue between crown and parliament, especially in-between the years 1665 to 1667. The Crown’s income had dropped by £200,000, and MPs believed that the problems were down to crown management rather than structural problems with the finance system. This shows that Charles II faced difficulties more to financial concerns as he was gaining a low income, concluding in him unable to fund and solve matters needed. It also shows that finance provoked further issues, as it is shown here to drive crown and parliament away from one another. Parliament also used finance to restrict the greater religious freedom Charles wanted to allow, again showing finance splitting the crown and parliament. In 1669 the commons used their financial influence over Charles in response to their concerns about his decision to allow the conventicle act to expire in 1668. Therefore in 1670 Charles issued a much more rigid conventicle act as the commons refused a £300,000 grant. The issues with finance clearly show the divide between Charles and Parliament, and these difficulties only increased. As Charles was severely lacking funds, it caused him to search else where for money, and this is when he turned to Louis, King of France, for more financial aid. Louis paid Charles £225,000 per annum for the duration of the Dutch war. This was part of the Secret Treaty of Dover, which had the act of become known to the public,...
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