Wendy's International, Inc.

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As emphasized on its web site, Wendy's was founded on a motto of "Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Value." The company aims to follow that motto in all of its restaurants. They want in return Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction, by their plan to exceed customer expectations, foster a performance-driven culture, deliver the balanced message of brand equity plus value in outstanding advertising, and most importantly creating a healthy restaurant system." Wendy's faces stiff competition in the overall fast food industry, as McDonald's holds a dominating 18% share of the market with Wendy's and Burger King holding shares of approximately 2% each. Even though Wendy’s is number three in the hamburger chain, in 1990 Wendy’s was voted as having the best food in fast food burgers business, the best menu variety and the most pleasant atmosphere. ANSWERS:

Wendy’s is attempting to set themselves apart from their primary competitors of McDonald’s and Burger King by focusing on the following strategic advantages approaches: 1. Wendy’s website is user friendly and it shows that the company not focuses on food but other ventures that relate to the community at large and their international scope, e.g. website tabs such as, a country and language tab that translates USA English to Spanish, French and even Canadian English. This emphasizes their mission statement “to deliver superior quality products and services for our customers and communities through leadership, innovation and partnerships. They are reaching out to the wider community. McDonald's and Burger King Sites do not have a country and language tab.

2. Wendy's is moving in line with the QSR industry and is working to offer healthy food choices. Wendy's is moving toward a menu with increased variety and healthier menu choices by adding sandwiches and salads to its menu, and offers side dish substitutes for french fries, as such their sales to health-conscious customers have been increased. The Wendy's chain offers made-to-order burgers and fries as well as such alternative menu items as baked potatoes, chili, and salads. Whereas, Burger King and McDonald’s main focus are on fast food and not so much healthier food, these competitors also offer less variety and choices in their menu.

3. Wendy‘s brings customer a distinctive product with quality. To ensure that quality is maintain throughout all restaurants, the company makes many visits to individual locations to ensure rules and standards are met internationally.

4. Growing Beyond the Wendy's Chain- Wendy’s is looking to expand outside of their organization by purchasing other corporations to try turning them around into a more profitable business. Wendy's acquired the privately owned Canadian restaurant chain Tim Hortons, Canada's largest coffee and baked goods chain. Wendy's bought out Hardee's restaurants in the northern tier of states, strengthening the company's position there as well, Wendy's also continued to invest in its successful, homespun ads featuring Dave Thomas, whereas Burger King and McDonald’s is staying contented with their organization and working on building what they presently have in front of them.

5. Ethics and Social Responsibility – Strong ethical behaviors are demonstrated amongst managers and employees they boost about their strong, cohesive system of outstanding managers and crew in their restaurants. They support their front line with an extremely talented organization their corporate and regional offices

6. Reaching out to the community- They want the community to be involved with activates that show what Wendy’s is about, “caring for their customers”. They founded organizations and groups that reflect what they say, such as Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, Wendy’s Animal Welfare program, Wendy’s High School Heisman and Wendy’s Wonderful Kids.

7. The company maintains quality and uniformity by adhering to detailed...
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