Wendy's and Jollibee

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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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Business Management


Competition in fast-food industry is intensely grow, thus globalization is carefully observed along with its unique innovation in order to attract potential consumers. Fast-food chains generally offered wide array of products from simple refreshments to full meals. In the Philippines, Jollibee and McDonald’s are the two industry leaders which is primarily been at the forefront as the new entrants established their foundation while existing fast-food chain players continued their battle for market share (Figure 1). WENDY’S

In 1969, Wendy’s was founded by R. David Thomas in Columbus, Ohio and was considered one of the leading fast-food chains in the world. At Wendy’s inception, the brand represented Wendy’s competitive advantages in the marketplace for being known for its innovation to their menus such as the Salad Bar, Hot-Stuffed Baked Potatoes and the whole breast Chicken Sandwiches aside from its great tasting hamburger. Wendy's set an industry practice by offering old fashioned and made to order hamburgers using fresh meat. “To become bigger than McDonald’s” but not “another McDonald’s” was the goal of Thomas that also serves as his motivator for his action plan in Wendy’s growth development. As the fast-food industry is growing, Wendy’s has remained committed to providing the highest quality and freshness foods while assuring competitive prices where quality and freshness was conceptualize for the guidance of its employees in garnishing the products, thus with its slogan “Quality, It’s Our Only Recipe.” where hamburger was made with 100% pure beef and was always served fresh and never frozen. Wendy’s also became known for its square burger patties so that it stuck out of the sandwich bun as it shows uniqueness or innovative approach for its product. With such variety of condiments and other unique products offered, Wendy’s enjoyed the growing...
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