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1.Wellbeing model2
3.Individual factors4
4.Environmental factors5

Wellbeing model

“In order to reach a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, an individual or group must be able to identify and realize the aspirations, to satisfy needs, and to change or cope with the environment. “ (Ottawa Charter WHO Geneva 1986 Health Promotion) Psychological well-being refers to how people evaluate their lives. Diener (1997) classifies these evaluations in the form of cognition or affect. The cognitive side is the information based appraisal of your life by means of consious evaluative judgements about one’s satisfaction with life as a whole. Where as the affecive side is a hedonic evaluation determined mainly by emotions and feelings, like the frequency with which people experience pleasant or unpleasant moods in reaction to life events. Robertson and Cooper (2011) further explains the two ingredients of PWB as the subjective happy feelings braught on by something that we enjoy, aswell as the feeling of having a purpose and meaning in our life. This is know as “Hedonic” and “Eudaimonic” happiness. Hedonism defines well-being as the presence of positive affect and the absence of neagtive affect (Kahneman, et al.,1999). Eudaimonia suggests that well-being consists of living fully or to allow for the richest human potential possible (Ryan, Huta & Deci, 2001) 2.Factors influencing PWB

The levels of PWB is influenced by a mixture of genetics and environment (Robertson & Cooper, 2011). In my well-being model, I classified two groups namely individual factors and environmental factors. These two play out an effect on eudaimonic and hedonic happiness, which in turn makes out the two ingredients of our well-being.

2.1 Individual factors
The genetic...
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