Well Schooled in Murder

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Describe the traditions of Bredgar Chambers as outlined in the text: Well-schooled in Murder.

Bredgar Chambers is a school where discipline is on high priority. It is a boarding school where the students live. They have something like a dress code; they have to be dressed like rich people as the text says: “they were nice-looking boys, nearly dressed in grey trousers, crisp white shirts, and a yellow pullovers and yellow stripped ties.” That means that all students have to wear the same clothes, so they look no different from each other. The boys at Bredgar Chambers have their own traditions. They often go out into the woods to hunt for magic mushrooms. They just pick them up, but never eat them. They also go to the bell tower, which is supposed to be locked, and carve their names on the wall inside. Some of the boys also have a smoke there. These are some of the traditions that the boys at Bredgar Chambers have together.

How do we know that the text is a crime story?
The text is a crime story because there is a mystery, a murder and a clear up. The mystery is where Matthew went. No one knows where he was going and that was a huge mystery. There is also a murder. The story tells that Matthew is maybe dead, but no one knows it. The investigation in the story is where Lynley investigate the missing of Matthew.

What do you think has happened to Matthew Whateley?
Matthew Whateley was not happy to stay at Bredgar Chambers, and his parents were not listening to him, they just said to him;”You have to stay at this school if you want an education.” This was not Matthew´s plan; he did not want to stay at the boarding school no more, so he decided to escape. After his escape from the boarding school, he went into the woods and hid. He wanted to send a signal to his parents, that he was seriously about not staying at the boarding school any longer. His plan was to stay in the woods a few days until the teachers, his parents or the police would find him. After...
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