Well of Moses

Topics: Jesus, Philip the Bold, Sculpture Pages: 3 (504 words) Published: April 27, 2011
Claus Sluter was the most creative and powerful sculptor of the late

middle ages. This Netherlandish master worked in the services of the Dukes of

Burgundy. His artwork of a genius created art objects that are still seen today in

Dijon, France, and his greatest creation the Well of Moses. A artist at the Court

of Burgundy, Claus Sluter was determined to become one of the greatest

sculptor of his time.

In 1389, the Northern Late Gothic artist was put in charge of the

Chartreuse de Champole by, Philip the Bold, in charge of the sculptural program.

Here’s where Claus achieved the Well of Moses.

The Well of Moses was designed over a well, were Carthusians

Monastery worshiped. The well served as a water source for the monastery.

The fountain actually spouted water, cause the Carthusian commitment to silence and

prayer would have rejected anything that made sound.

Above the fountain was a tall hexagonal pillar, with six of the prophets and six

weeping angels hovering over them. Sluter took great pride to create these life like

representations. The six sided Well of Moses made the whole artwork a symbol of the

“Fountain of Life”. The fountain served as a cemetery cross and water source for the

monastery. This fountain was also crowned with a crucifix at the foot of which

were the figures of the Virgin Mary, St. John, and Mary Magalene. The crucifixion

figures were carved first, then the angels, and finally the prophets. Everything was

achieved with great precision and the up most attention to detailed. The Well of Moses

was made from polychrome and gilded stone. The artwork was later painted by

Jean Malouel, due to the death of Claus Sluter.

Claus created the Well of Moses as was seen of the six prophets who had

foreseen the death of Christ on the cross. The order of the Well of Moses was

Moses, David, Jeremiah, Zachariah, Daniel, and Isaiah. Claus used great depth...
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