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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Dialogue (Feelings through words)

Dialogue is one of the most powerful attributes an author can use while writing a story. It is a conversation between characters in a drama or narrative. Also, it’s the lines or passages in a script that are intended to be spoken. The use of this gives the reader the belief that they are part of the story. It is used throughout stories to convey the feeling of emotions. Writers use expressions in their writing to suggest that the character(s) are having some sort of inner feeling happening Whether it be from the author inserting some of his/her own words or the character talking, this technique gives the story more of a fluent feeling. With the story “A Conversation with My Father,” dialogue is used sufficiently throughout the reading. This is a literary work written in the form of a conversation. This conveys that this conversation between daughter and father is continuously arguing about a topic. In the story “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” dialogue is used in the way so the reader visualizes what the characters are talking about. Dialogue contributes to the overall story to keep the reader in and aware of the moods the characters are experiencing; it shows the true meaning behind the belief of the imagination. An exchange of ideas or opinions. Dialogue is a big contribution to the overall reading. It shows the inner linings of a story. In the story “A Conversation with My Father,” the dialogue is shown in the text through the talks between father and daughter. When the daughter says “I say, yes, why not? That’s possible. I want to please him, though I don’t remember her writing that way. I would like to try to tell such a story, if he means the kind that points which I’ve always despised (Poley 1096).” What the author does for this sequence of writing is the use of expression in the text. Even though this is writing on paper, the belief of emotion is seen. The daughter says “I say, Yes, Why not? That’s possible; the author...
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