Well Educated Is More Than Just Attending Classes

Topics: Learning, Education, School Pages: 4 (1262 words) Published: February 15, 2011
Well-Educated is More than Just Attending Classes
ENGL 101 B05
Liberty University
February 10th, 2010

We have all have heard the old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, this could also apply to the “Well-Educated” person. Exactly what does well-educated mean? Does it mean a person is intelligent beyond belief? Does this person know everything there is to know? The definition of a well-educated person has been discussed for centuries and will continue to be debated for many more. The general consensus is that a person is well-educated if they have attended school for a long period of time. I disagree with that, being well-educated is more than just education. Going to school for a long length of time does not mean you are well-educated. I can understand why people would think that, even Webster’s New World Dictionary defines educated as one with much education (208). A person may have attended a lot of classes, read a lot of books, maybe even has a genius level IQ, but what exactly did this person learn? Can this person quote a lot of facts and stories? Some people might think that the more things a person can talk about or have a small amount of knowledge about makes them educated. The people who think that way obviously have not met my older brother. Don’t get me wrong my brother is one of the smartest people I know, he is someone who has attended a lot of classes and read a lot of books, but if you ask him he will tell you he’s not well-educated just because he attended school for a long time. He will tell you he is well-educated because of all the experiences he has had in life. I believe there is more to education than just learning facts, stories and attending school. Kohn, in his essay, What Does It Mean to Be Well Educated (2003), states “Rather than attempting to define what it means to be well-educated, should we instead be asking about the purpose of education?” Some would say that the purpose of education is to attain knowledge, but...
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