Well Educated

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Well Educated

Narrative Essay 1 - Well Educated
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Well Educated

We all more than likely know someone who would fit the common catch phrase of being very well educated but having absolutely no common sense .Alfie Kohn’s article “What does it mean to be well educated?” elaborated on this topic wonderfully. Moreover, Kohn added, familiarity with lists of words, names, books and ideas is a poor way of judging whether one is well-educated. (Kohn, 2003, p. 3) I would definitely have to agree. A person who may fit today’s standard definition of well-educated may very well find themselves in the unemployment line if all of the book smart knowledge they have attained is not valuable in acquiring a means to support themselves. The concept of being well educated goes far beyond memorizing facts and recording college credit hours, without common sense knowledge these attributes would be of no value in the game of life. After reading the assigned article titled “What Does It Mean to be Well – Educated”? I couldn’t help but reflect on childhood memories of my mom razzing my dad about his spelling abilities or lack thereof. I can still remember my mom saying “You hold a master’s degree and you are asking me, a mere high school graduate for spelling help?" This always seemed to be the running joke in our house if I needed to know how many rings Saturn had, what a hurricane was or the answer to an algebraic equation my dad was definitely my go to man, but never and I mean never did I ask him for help with my spelling homework . My dad was and is still referred to by me as the smartest man I know. This genius of a man was once a kid who barely passed 10th grade. He retells the story of being a student who was not challenged by certain subjects (spelling must have been one) that simply bored him to death and therefore he day dreamed or dozed off. Put him in a science lab or a lecture on the history of the world and he...
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