Welfarefacilities as Per Factories Act 1948

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If I am the hr manager then will follow the following practices for smoothening of the IR. Various labor legislations make it mandatory for the organization to provide certain welfare facilities to their employees.As per the Factories Act, 1948 following Health, safety and Welfare facilities are required to provide to employees. WelfareFacilities as per Factories Act 1948

1. Washing facilities.-
In factoryadequate and suitable facilities for washing shall be provided and maintained for use of the workers therein; separate and adequately screened facilities shall be provided for the use of male and female workers; and such facilities shall be conveniently accessible and shall be kept clean.

2. Facilities for storing and drying clothing.-
The State Government may, in respect of any factory or class or description of factories make rules requiring the provision therein of suitable place for keeping clothing not worn during working hours and for the drying of wet clothing.

3. Facilities for sitting.-
In factory suitable arrangements for sitting shall be providedand maintained for all workers obliged to work in a standing position, inorder that they may take advantage of any opportunities for rest whichmay occur in the course of their work.

4. First-aid-appliances.-
There shall, in every factory, be provided and maintained so as to be readily accessible during all working hours first-aid boxes or cupboards equipped with the prescribed contents, and the number of such boxes or cupboards to be provided and maintained shall not be less than one for every one hundred and fifty workers ordinarily employed at any one time in the factory.

5. Canteens.-
The State Government may make rules requiring that in any specified factory wherein more than two hundred and fifty workers are ordinarily employed, a canteen or canteens shall be provided and maintained by the occupier for the use of the workers.

6. Shelters, rest-rooms and lunch-rooms.-
In factory wherein more than one hundred and fifty workers are ordinarily employed adequate and suitable shelters or rest-rooms and a suitable lunch-room, with provision for drinking water, where workers can eat meals brought by them, shall be provided and maintained for the use of the workers: Provided that any canteen maintained in accordance with the provisions of section 46 shall be regarded as part of the requirements of this subsection: Provided further that where a lunch-room exists no worker shall eat any food in the work-room.

7. Creches -
In every factory wherein more than thirty women workers are ordinarily employed there shall be provided and maintained a suitable room or rooms for the use of children under the age of six years of such women. Such rooms shall provide adequate accommodation, shall be adequately lighted and ventilated, shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition and shall be under the charge of women trained in the care of children and infants.

8. Welfare Officers. -
In factory wherein five hundred or more workers are ordinarily employed the occupier shall employ in the factory such number of welfare officers as may be prescribed.

9. Power to make rules to supplement this Chapter. –
The State Government may make rules-
(a) exempting, subject to compliance with such alternative arrangements for the welfare of workers as may be prescribed, any factory or class or description of factories from compliance with any of the provisions of this Chapter, (b) requiring in any factory or class or description of factories that representatives of the workers employed in the factories shall be associated with the management of the welfare arrangements of the workers.

Welfare means faring or doing well. it is a comprehensive term , and refers to the physical, mental, moral and emotional well-being of an individual. Further, the welfare is a relative...
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